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President and Founder Message

"European Expert Care is dedicated to providing a more personalized approach to home care.

My agency has been part of the home care industry for over 20 years, and in that time I have witnessed first hand the major problems that have come to exist in the home care system. 

Unfortunately, many home health care agencies have placed focus on quantity over quality.  The more clients, the bigger the profits, and so more aides are hired to fill the needs of a growing client base.  Because of this growing demand, home health aides are often hired without quality credentials, and due to sheer volume, are not trained to offer the personalized care that is necessary in providing the client with superior service.

Many of these larger agencies simply cannot take the time to cater to a client’s personalized needs or to the ever-changing situations that naturally and inevitably occur.  When care becomes depersonalized, meeting the detailed needs of each case becomes unattainable.  Not only would this leave a client unsatisfied with the service provided, but may also lead to potentially dangerous situations.  Clients often find themselves left anonymous, with poor service and continuously going through the time and effort of finding new home health aides or agencies. 

In order to avoid this cycle, it is necessary from the start to invest in an agency you can trust, with a coordinator you can have a one-on-one relationship with.  I structured my agency in 1988 to provide this much needed personalized approach to care, and it has grown to become one of the premier home health care agencies in the area.  We have had hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the years and would be happy to provide references.

It is my personal promise that with European Expert Care, you or your loved one’s well being is safe in our hands.  To care for people and preserve their dignity during trying times is a privilege, and we continue to uphold the belief that providing quality care is not only crucial but a moral responsibility.

I hope you find the care and peace of mind you are looking for and wish you the best of luck. 

We look forward to helping you in any way possible."


Yolanta Khalil - President

"As an attorney practicing in Kew Gardens, NY, a large part of my practice is Guardianship work. I have utilized the excellent services of European Expert Care for the home care needs of one of my wards since 2004. During this time, European Expert Care have proven to be staffed by committed, dedicated professionals, both in the management and personal care of my ward. Yolanta Khalil, the Presiden of Eurpoean Expert Care, is involved in all aspects of the home care service and knows every client on a personal basis. The home attendants are patient, skilled, compassionate, and have always exhibited unparalleled judgment. European Expert Care comes with my highest recommendation." Wyatt Gibbons, Elder Law Attorney, Kew Gardens, NY